Tivoli LED String Lights are modern innovations in lighting technology. LED means “light-emitting diode”. It is a kind of semiconductor, which generates light when it comes into contact with electric current. This modern light bulb has no filament and is more energy-efficient.

Compared with ordinary light strings, they are more colorful. The LED emits bright and very clear light. The color of the light emitted by the color LED lamp is bright and very clear. They will add color to any space where they are hung. The color LED lights are not easy to fade even if they are used outdoors for a long time, and they will still emit bright colored light after being turned on.

Tivoli LED String Lights is no doubt that they are more durable than ordinary light strings. Even if they are placed outdoors, their service life is longer than ordinary light strings. The longest lifespan of LED bulbs is 11 years, which is a long time. In the past, if your string lights lasted for a year, especially when used outdoors, you were lucky. Now, with LED lights, you can use them for a longer period of time without having to change bulbs frequently. It is also a common problem that the light string is easy to break if it is not used for a long time, but the LED light string does not have this problem. You can put them in a sealed box and you can still use them after a few months or a year.

They are more cost-effective because they do not need to be replaced after a few months or a year. When you buy them, they may be more expensive than ordinary lamps, but they are very durable. You will save money by using them because you don’t have to replace them for a long time.

The biggest advantage of Tivoli LED String Lights is their power efficiency. Compared with ordinary lights, they consume less power when turned on. Their power efficiency rating is 80%. This means that 80% of the energy passing through them is converted into light energy. Only a small part of the energy it consumes is wasted. A large part of this is converted into light energy.