Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Aisle Pathway Lighting?

If your facility is a public place of assembly then Yes, you are required to provide egress safety lighting in accordance with the N.F.P.A.(National Fire Protection Agency).

How does Low Voltage Lighting work?

Most all modern low voltage lighting systems light source consist of L.E.D’s for light source, LED stands for light-emitting diode. LEDs are small light sources that become illuminated by the movement of electrons through a semiconductor material. They are powered by a low voltage power supply that converts the primary 120volt power down to 12volts for the LED’s to operate. All Cinema Sales and Services can perform and plan all this out for you for your next project

Is my existing Low Voltage Lighting adequate?

Your low voltage lighting has to provide a minimum of .2 foot candles of light on all paths of egress during periods of low light level or during a presentation as per the life safety code requirements. You can have All Cinema Sales and Services come to your facility with a light meter to check your present light level.

How long will my Low Voltage Lighting System last?

It is hard to put a number of years on life expectancy; it depends on how much traffic your facility gets. From experience we have noticed the step products generally last 5 years or more. Individual repairs can be made when you see a problem as long as replacement parts are available. The wall, rail and seat light products generally last for a very long time the only wear and tear usually comes from vandalism.

Do I have to use a specialized contractor to install my Low Voltage Lighting system?

By using a factory certified and industry recognized contractor such as All Cinema Sales and Services you not only will be getting a quality installation we will be able to deal with difficult onsite field conditions and on time completion with installing these specialty products.

*All Cinema Sales and Services doubles the manufacturers warranty when we supply and perform the installation.